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Welcome to the 303 Squadron web site. This web site provides information and details specific to members of 303 Squadron, Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC).

If you find anything wrong with the website, need help or have a suggestion, feel free to contact the Webmaster, 303 SQN

Whats on next!

Notes and Messages:
By now you will have nominated for ALL activities for 2019 on CadetNet.
ANNUAL SUBS ARE OVERUDE - those not paid need to pay next Friday as they were due 30th August 2019.

Next compulsory activity is Formal Dining-in away from Camden Airport, REBOOKED for Friday 1st November 2019
- payments will be transferred. Formal notification to sqn and parents due out this week.

What's On:
CO Parade (again) and Home Training

Arrival Time: 1845hrs Friday 20th September

Uniform: SDs

Dismissal: 2200hrs Friday 20th September

Clean Up Duty: #2 Flight

To see the list of compulsory activities for 2019 click there to download PDF -->Compulsory Activities 2019



Safety for you is our number one priority! - It is important to know that the uniform you wear to cadets is also the same uniform that the ADF wears. In public your uniform is not only representing the AAFC but also the Defence Force and their personnel. For safety reasons we ask you not to wear your issued uniform in public by yourself.

If you are travelling to and from CAMFAC without calling into a public place on the way, then you should wear uniform to and from CAMFAC as you are in a car, however if you are riding to and from CAMFAC on a motorcycle you should also change into civilian clothing.

If you plan on calling into a public venue, like McDonald's etc on the way TO or FROM CAMFAC, then you are required to get changed at CAMFAC at the beginning of parade or after parade into civilian clothing.

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