The Australian Air Force Cadets provides excellent Pilot Training in powered and gliding trainer aircraft.

As sponsorship is provided by the Air Force, the cost of lessons to cadets is substantially cheaper than the external commercial flying schools and it is more “one on one” training with strict emphasis on safety.


As they progress through their cadet life, cadets take part in an increasingly challenging program of fieldcraft and survival exercises, through several bush camps run every year.

More than that though, fieldcraft and survival camps give cadets a chance to lead their peers in challenging circumstances. Out in the bush is where they really make friends for life.

Drill and Ceremonial

Cadets participating in Drill and Ceremonial learn self-discipline, alertness, balance and body control, good teamwork, plus a sense of pride and belonging. The unit boasts a highly skilled and well trained Precision Drill Team which represents the unit at a state level, as well as in community events.


The AAFC has a comprehensive firearms safety training program, that works with both .22 caliber rifles and the current ADF rifle, the F88 Austeyr. Cadets start by learning basic safe handling of the rifle before having the chance to put rounds down range in a safe environment.

Our more experienced shooters have the opportunity to represent our Squadron – and even the state – in firearms shooting competitions.

International Activities

The AAFC offers opportunities for cadets to go overseas to a number of locations through the International Air Cadets Exchange. Some of the places on offer are England, America, Hong Kong, Canada, Holland, Turkey, and more.

Our international activities are often supported by a number of organisations who subsidise the cost of travelling.