Who we are :303 (City of Camden) Squadron AAFC

303 Squadron is a unit of the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) based at Camden Airport, in Sydneys South West.

The AAFC was established during World War II on the 11 th June 1941 and since then, it has been
offering aviation-related training within a framework provided by the Royal Australian Air Force.

303 Squadron was initially formed as Number 3 Flight and is descended from Number 3 Flight of the
wartime Number 48 Squadron and was established at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill on 29 June
1946. It continued there until the mid-1960s and re-located to Camden in 1966.

Additionally we have our own Squadron Banner, our motto is “Committed to Excellence” and we
received Freedom of Entry to Camden on 17 th August 2014.

At every Friday night during the normal school term between 1845hrs and 2200hrs, cadets of 303 Squadron gather at the defence facility to participate in various learning activities with a 30 minute break during which the cadets can socialise with other cadets.